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342,873,260 Web users, just like you are being paid for their Web browsing data. It's the personal data revolution where you can profit from your Web usage.

Take control. Stop being exploited by the Internet giants that make a fortune off your data. It's time YOU got paid for your browsing data! 

Get paid up to $401.50 passive income each year!

We Pay You $401.50 for Your Browsing Data

We do not sell or share your data! $5B uses your browsing behavior to target adverts, predict trends and generate revenue just like the big boys do, but we pay YOU $401.50 each year for your browsing data! Users install an extension to their existing browser and browse the Web as normal. To make the transaction safe and secure, the extension cannot see or use data on webpages visited, it just collects the search and browsing behavior from the Web addresses in their browser's search bar. To stop us collecting your browsing data, just disable the extension, open a private window or change browser.

They Make $100's of Billions from Your Data!

To them, you are just a number that has been tracked, surveilled, examined, analyzed, profiled, summarized, aggregated and characterized by the big boys running the Internet and then monetized and repeatedly used and sold for huge profit. They have been collecting your data for over twenty years and earning billions of United States Dollars from it each year.

All browsing data collected is kept anonymous, never seen by the human eye, shared or sold. We do nothing different, with the browsing data we collect, than Google, Yahoo, Gmail, Apple or Facebook does. However, we do one major thing that they do not; We pay you for your browsing data!

Stop being exploited by the Internet giants that make a fortune off your data.

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Browsing Data!

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