What is Service 1?

Service 1

Available commissions - 5 Billion


Service 1 is FREE to subscribers!

We pay you to introduce existing Internet users to this revolutionary service. There are 5 billion people using a similar service generating trillions for tech giants. We are disrupting the market with a totally unique service that monetizes it! 5 billion people can use our service exactly the same as they already do, but using ours will pay each user a passive income of $400. If you have a family of 10 people that's 10 users which is 10 x $400 and 10 commissions for you recurring every year for life!

The numbers are easy to achieve considering everyone you know will have a mobile phone, computer and or device that connects to the Internet. All you have to do is tell them, get them to join as an affiliate in your network for free and reap the rewards as this next level Internet sensation goes viral.

Users already use this service, we've just disrupted the giant's money making model and monetized it for the people!

Affiliates distribute this service for free to 5 billion potential users of the Internet to include all the people you know and get paid a commission.

Anyone in the whole wide world with an Internet connection is a commission.

  • Any country.
  • Any language.
  • Any device.
  • Any connection speed or type.
  • Payouts in $US Dollars.
  • No restrictions.
  • No legal requirements.
  • No limits.

You get paid ONE commission:

  1. $100 commission for each user. Recurring commission is paid automatically every 12 months for life.

It is incredible.

You also get paid ONE override from everyone in your 16 level network:

  1. You receive $5 override for each user. Recurring override is paid automatically every 12 months for life.

So, if you had 50 people in your network and each got 3 users this week you would get paid an astonishing $750 overrides from their work AND a further $750 recurring profit share override every 12 months (recurring).

Now do the math $

Start now by building your network. Be ready to deploy your network on launch. Get ready for life changing money and a great future.

Everyone you know can join your network below you. There are no fees for pre launch. Build, build, build!

What's service 1? Sorry, we will not reveal the full description of the service until launch date.

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