What Should I do Now?

If you want to benefit the most from joining early, you should promote 5BillionsSales using your affiliate link which can be found here after joining: https://5billionsales.com/status

By promoting your link, you will build your level 1 and get it ready to earn you overrides after we launch. If you don't build that is your choice, but to be honest why did you join in pre-launch then? This is your opportunity to shine. Build a network pumped and ready to explode your overrides later. You should also encourage everyone that joins your level 1 to go an build their level 1 (your level 2) also. And they should do the same to level 16. Then you are taking advantage of joining in pre-launch, preparing your network to pump overrides up to you at the top!

However, having said this, you actually don't need to refer to earn. If you are happy to earn from your own work, then that's fine too! You don't have to refer, but you will earn a lot more money if you do!

To get help on promoting, speak to your sponsor and visit the marketing link in your back office.

The more you do now in pre-launch, the more $ you earn after launch, it is that simple.

During pre-launch, all you can do is build your team. After launch will be different.