Do I Get Paid $100 for Each Affiliate I Sponsor?

This is very important: Before launch, YOU must ONLY sponsor affiliate type people that will join your network/downline and work hard to sponsor other affiliates. The more affiliates you get in your downline MEANS the more users they will introduce after launch = MORE MONEY YOU EARN after launch! If you think it is smart to introduce people just to boost your downline numbers, that is wrong and you will not make Life Changing Money!

You DO NOT get paid to sponsor affiliates into your affiliate downline EVER - BUT, you will get paid overrides from all the work each of them do after launch. You get paid overrides for each user your 16 level downline introduce to Service 1 and Service 2 after launch. 

LOOK! This is GREAT INFORMATION: Each affiliate you sponsor directly into your LEVEL 1 - WILL EARN YOU $100 commission when they become a user of Service 1 because they are also your CUSTOMER. If you sign up to Service 1, your sponsor will be paid $100 commission and you will be paid $400 user passive income. DO NOT have inactive affiliates as they will turn into zombie accounts, get them referring other affiliates! 

FREE MAGIC INTERNET MONEY = We do not give free money away! You need to earn it. The only way of earning life changing money is by BUILDING a network around you in preparation for the BIG push after launch. If you do not build the network, you are going to be doing all the work on your own with nobody in your downline sending you the MAGIC INTERNET MONEY. 

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MAGIC INTERNET MONEY = Overrides from your 16 levels of affiliates.