Can I Make Fake, Duplicate, Multiple Accounts?

All accounts that are created will have their account names locked before launch. Accounts will not be able to have their first or last name changed so it is pointless creating multiple accounts as they will not be able to receive payments later if the name does not match identity documents required for KYC on launch date. 

Accounts that are created, not logged into and dormant before launch will be deleted on launch.

Accounts that are created with the same IP address or MAC address will be flagged.

Instead of creating fake accounts which are pointless, try recruiting real people and help them make money. It takes the same energy and less time...

Anyone that registers as an affiliate must be log  in once each week off their device to check updates and show us they are a real person.

Do not sign up people using your device/IP address. All affiliates MUST have access to their own device to promote.