When is Launch Date?


We are beta launching our services on a beta web site on 30th October 2021. This is NOT a full launch, it is a beta test launch in a controlled environment with only 5000 affiliates.

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5000 affiliates will be randomly chosen to join the beta test by a lottery system. Full launch date will be released soon after beta launch. All remaining affiliates will join the beta affiliates on full launch.

If you don't get selected by the lottery system to take part in this first beta test, you will be invited at a later date to take part in beta launching of our other new services as they are released. We have a total of 7 services launching in the future. All pre-launch affiliates will take part in beta testing of at least one of our new services in the future. Affiliates that did not join pre-launch will miss out!

Full Launch - Affiliates that joined in pre launch will be updated when they get their launch pack a few days before launch.

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