Can I Earn from In Active Affiliates?

This FAQ was suggested by a smart affiliate:

Yes, but very little money!

In active is not a good for you!

You earn the biggest money from your downline. You get paid overrides from their work on 16 levels.

If you refer FRED into level 1 and he does not refer into your level 2 then your income stops there! Give FRED a kick in the butt to recruit other affiliates into their level 1 (your level 2) so you both earn overrides!

The more you kick butt, the more money you'll earn! Much money comes from many active affiliates in your downline.

In active affiliates are a waste of space in your downline. In pre-launch they do not deserve the opportunity to be early, so make sure they refer and build your network.

See this FAQ

The only money you earn from in active affiliates is overrides from their own personal sales (activity). Make them busy, get them referring in pre launch and earn big from 16 levels overrides! 

You can earn more money from active affiliates in your 16 level downline!

Earn passive income from active affiliates.

BUILD to earn!

Activate your inactive affiliates now!

To send them an email you need to select MY LEVEL 1 EMAIL ADDRESSES from the DOWNLINE menu.

To activate your level 1 inactive affiliates - click here