Will My Affiliate Link Change?

Your affiliate ID and link will not change.

Your affiliate ID and link are yours for life. 

After launch anyone that clicks your affiliate link in an advert, video, image, banner etc., will land on the 5BillionSales.com web site tagged with your ID and be assigned to your network as an affiliate. 

If the visitor joins service 1 and or service 2 as a user, you will earn commission.

Everything you do will build your future income. The more you promote, the bigger your network will be.

Bigger networks earn more overrides, it is that simple.

Each person is like one of the ducks in the image, every duck on each level below you will earn you overrides!

That's a lot of ducks! Let's Go!

Your affiliate link will live forever on the Web and will not only refer affiliates, but also users.

Start now by building your network. Be ready to deploy your network on launch. Get ready for life changing money and a great future.

Everyone you know can join your network below you. There are no fees for pre launch. Build, build, build!