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STOP Marketing &

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STOP your Google and Facebook Ads. STOP Sending Cold Emails. STOP Making Videos. STOP Doing Webinars. STOP Posting on Social Media. STOP Relying on Referrals. STOP the Zoom Meetings. STOP Wasting Money and Time. STOP What You Are Currently Doing to Earn Money and Just Get Sales. 

Buy a Standard Advert on the ad network to get targeted traffic. Upgrade it for free to GTS Service to guarantee sales for any eCommerce website to include dropshipping, affiliate programs, eBay shops, Amazon sellers, Etsy shops, Oberlo stores and Shopify. We can deliver an agreed volume of sales in return for 34% of your profit called 'Profit Share'. This is a new type of advertising network!

Get Sales without Expensive Adverts!

Ultra Targeted Ads

* Terms and conditions apply to all offers and services to include Standard Adverts, Guaranteed Sales & Signups, Sell Data and Refer $ Earn.

366,637,852 People




3,052,964 Publishers




Limited Time Offer

Limited Offer has ended.

Make More Money from your:

Our adverts will flood your business with 'ultra-targeted ready to buy buyers' that will buy your products and services or pay to join your business if you are promoting a business opportunity or network marketing program. We deliver results and you share your profit with us. You pay on results!

We operate unique, revolutionary consumer data driven advertising platforms and 5B is a very small part of our vast network. Our ‘ultra-targeted ready to buy network traffic’ will help YOU succeed! 

5B uses the power of its own networks and platforms to pre-warm and deliver sales and sign-ups. There are 366,637,852 consumers using our browser extensions generating over 45.5 billion page views each day, plus we have 3,052,964 publishers, displaying our adverts on 15,264,820 ultra targeted webpages that get over 9.8 billion views each week. 5B delivers sales, see how...

We are rapidly changing how businesses sell online. Our consumer data ecosystem is the world's first vertically integrated platform that pays consumers for their browsing data. Their data, habits and trends are used to promote products and services and deliver sales to online businesses. We are the first-to-market and leading the way.

Sales can be delivered to any legitimate business except those that distribute or sell pornography, hate, weapons, alcohol or tobacco. We are delivering to; eCommerce; MLM; affiliate links; affiliate programs; subscription sites; coaching programs and many more.

Check your business can get an ad here:

We do two types of package. They cost the same, but deliver very different results:

  1. Standard Adverts deliver an agreed number of qualified visits, in a set time, to any online or offline business. Delivery is 1 Million ultra-targeted visitors over 12 months.
    Guaranteed or Standard
  2. Guaranteed Sales delivers an agreed net profit to a webpage that makes online sales. The net profit is $155k delivered 3 times in 12 months and after each delivery, you pay us $52,700 profit share.

Standard Adverts deliver visits that you convert at your online business or offline location to achieve your objective. They are normally used for offline businesses and non-eCommerce websites. Standard Adverts cost $269.00 yearly. Guaranteed Sales is a standard advert with a Guarantee. You can upgrade from Standard to Guaranteed for free.

When the limited offer ends, advertisers will be required to deposit the $52,700 in an escrow before delivery.

To check availability, start placing an order. If Guaranteed Sales is still available, the system will reserve your ad with Guaranteed Sales.

Guaranteed Sales is popular. New orders may have to join a waiting list.

Limited Time Offer
Get $155k Sales &
Pay Us $52,700 After!

How to Order

We Can Deliver Sales to:

eCommerce Stores
+ Affiliate Links
eCommerce Websites
MLM & Affiliate Programs

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How $155k is Delivered

Under 200 Left - Click for details...

After your Guaranteed Sales Advert is published, it is queued for delivery however gets free views and sales while our system is learning about your target webpage, what is being sold, your competition, refining keywords, the target audience and building AI for Guaranteed Sales delivery. Guaranteed Sales is popular. New orders may have to join a waiting list. The normal delivery timeline is:

Under normal conditions, your $155k Guaranteed Sales delivery will take 90 days from payment date to delivering date. The progress of your delivery can be monitored by visiting your Guaranteed Sales Adverts page after payment.

As Fast as
90 Days!

How it Repeats


We Earn $52,700 While You Do The Work!

Get $155k Sales & Pay Us $52,700 After!


Limited Time Offer


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