Affiliate Fee After Launch = $199


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Pre-launch affiliates remain FREE for life!

New affiliates joining after launch will pay a once off fee of $199 to $5B. 

Sponsors do not get paid a commission for referring affiliates. Sponsors will get paid huge overrides from their downline introducing users to our services.

New affiliates will get their joining fee refunded after they introduce 500 users to service 1.

$5B propose to close FREE affiliate registrations 2 days before launch.

Make sure you log in a minimum of once a week between now and launch to avoid being classed as a zombie account. Zombies will be reset to a FREE member and able to rejoin the affiliate program after launch for $199 under the original sponsor.

Build your network!

Have you noticed how many people have heard of $5B? We have many heavy hitters building their downlines and many of your contacts will join them before launch. Get in first - don't let them recruit your contacts!

There are less and less affiliates available to sponsor...

See more info

Before this change is made we will be asking all our affiliates to vote on the charge for new affiliates. The vote invite will appear on your dashboard and in the launch list so keep your eye out for this vote. If you vote to scrap the charge the fee will be scrapped... We listen to our affiliate's voice.


Service 1 - Officially Renamed 5/12/2021

Service 1 is Officially Renamed to:

Sell My Data (Sell Data)

Anyone & Everyone can do this!

Membership to Sell Data is FREE!

Take control. Stop being exploited by the Internet giants that make a fortune off your data. It's time YOU got paid for your data! 

5 Billion Internet users can use our browser extension, browse the Web and earn $401.50/year!

We use people's browsing data to serve laser targeted adverts, profiling, targeting, AI, demographics and more...

$5B provides AI generated targeting to over 25 franchised adtech platforms and uses the data to generate profits from the new way to advertise.

You get paid for data and advertisers pay us for targeting data.

Advertisers no longer pay for clicks, impressions or other industry Hocus Pocus!

Advertisers no longer waste their money!

Advertisers only pay for sales generated! 

Guaranteed Sales!

Advertisers get sales from our AI driven advertising platform that does not bother its users with ugly annoying adverts unless they are ready to buy a product/service!

It is like Facebook Ad targeting and Google Ads, but on steroids!

Your data makes AI and AI sells stuff!

Your browsing data is never shared, sold, rented or seen by a 3rd party - Advertisers only see an AI generated profile without reference to your personal data. 

Your personal data is not hot-connected to your browser data, it remains encrypted in cold storage represented by an account key that only $5B admin can decrypt to manage and maintain your Sell Data account.

We'll pay YOU $401.50 passive income each year for life!

$401.50 can be earned by Sell Data members each year recurring when they continue using the service. Passive income for life!


Affiliates get paid $100 commission for introducing a Sell Data member.

$100 Affiliate commission is yearly recurring when the Data Seller continues using the service. Ongoing commission for life!

Sponsors that have referred or will refer a Level 1 affiliate and that affiliate joins Sell Data for FREE, will receive the $100 commission.

Sponsors will get paid a $5 override for each Sell Data member that is introduced by affiliates in their 16 level downline. $5 repeats each year the member continues using the service. Ongoing overrides for life!

**This Service 1 news is delivered in accordance with pre-launch product and service update promises.

*Sell Data users have to validate their first data to become a member.

Affiliates Are FREE Forever!

You Voted - We Listened - No Fees for Affiliates EVER!

Affiliates can join this amazing opportunity for FREE forever!

Affiliates Join for Free Forever

That's all we have to say!

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Member Vote About Affiliate Fees


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We Don't Want to Charge Affiliates!

We have been lobbied by affiliates to introduce an affiliate member fee after launch. We are not happy about starting to charge for affiliate accounts. We want to help everyone, everywhere to become an affiliate and earn money from distributing services to the 5 Billion internet users in the world. We are not interested in making money from affiliate registrations! We want our affiliates to join easily and distribute our services to earn us and them profit. We would prefer our affiliates to pay nothing to start and get set up. No fees! What do you think?

Vote Now - Vote here...

We want to hear from you! Let’s make this business better!

We Do Not Pay For Clicks!


We are still in pre-launch.

We pay commission for users to Service 1 and 2 after launch.

We pay overrides for users to service 1 and 2 up 16 levels after launch.

What we DO NOT do is pay affiliates for clicks. Paying for clicks is bad for everyone and we do not do it now or NEVER will on our platforms. It creates fraud, fake stats, cheats clients out of their money and business failure.

If you have been informed we do anything different to what you see on our web site, it is fake! Only $5B inform you what we will pay you for!

Check here...


Scammers Want Your Commission & Downline!


Because we are launching soon and your back offices are going to be storing your earnings, there has been an escalation in scammers impersonating us on Telegram, WhatsApp and other social media platforms. This channel is the only official channel to get information from. The closer we get and deeper we are after launch it will become more important to secure your login details. If you have not created a Secret Code yet, you need to do it now. If you registered with $5B using Google or Facebook, please add an extra layer of security by creating a password too! Scammers are targeting everyone including betas. We will never ask for your password. Do not give it to anyone. Protect your earnings and your downline. Some scammers are trying to get access to high value accounts that have big downlines to take your money when it starts flowing! Change your password often. Write it down on a piece of paper at home and cross it off after you change it. Some affiliates are experiencing phishing to take your details in readiness to take your account. Be smart! We want you to earn money and keep it. We have set up NOTICE (8) to help you change your password. Point (6) to create and change your Secret Code. Do Not Share Your Password. Do Not talk on social media thinking it is us, it is NOT! We have seen a few WhatsApp scams already. When you have earnings in your back office, the scammers will be like trying to get your passwords... Keep them safe! 

Click here to see the notices

Don't Let Them Get Away With It!

Milestones Achieved

Our Milestones Have Been Achieved

Despite some affiliates mistaking the Beta test as the full launch we have continued and met all our milestones so far.

Milestone 1 - Huge network upgrade

Milestone 2 - Beta started as published and promised on 30/10/2021

Milestone 3 - Launch. If you have not noticed yet, full launch has been announced and launch plan started for pre-launch affiliates. 

See the countdown on your back office dashboard, click here...

View the launch notices and plan page that is being built as promised in your back office, click here... 


Launch Countdown Clock Being Published


Launch Countdown will start on your dashboard in the next 24 hours, YES 24 hours until FULL LAUNCH COUNTDOWN.

On the countdown will be a link to a page to find out what to do next. Clicking the link will record on your account. If you visit and do not see the countdown to launch and launch date, you will need to visit again.

Be patient as we will not respond to emails about WHEN, WHY, CAN'T SEE IT YET... It is coming.

Some affiliates will see it before others due to caching and propagation. '

I love how some NEGATIVE affiliates have spread doom and gloom and turned SALTY!

Now it is time to show the SALTY people what they are going to MISS OUT on!

Build your future, Lets Go & Make More Money that EVER before! Oh except you SALTY people :) 

Like I promised We Are All Going to Make It! Minus the SALTY people!

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5000 Beta Launch Stage Started

Beta Launch Stage Started

Beta 5000 Affiliates started behind this web site on 30/10/21. This is why we had maintenance mode a few days before to prepare for Beta and Full Launch.

Each of the 5000 affiliates are working hard to build and test the final launch platform for all of us.

A total of 1962 declined working for beta because of the commitments they had to make and difficulty. These were replaced by other affiliates.

They have a difficult job ahead of them to refine the platform, program and services ready for a massive perfect launch for you!

Full launch is going to be GREAT!

Once a date for full launch is established, the information will be posted in your back office and here so keep an eye out!

We are getting ready!

A couple of days ago, the business moved accross to a hugely improved server network ready to support the huge increase in usage expected after full launch. During the move the site entered maintenance mode and huge improvements were made ready for full launch and the full launch site loaded in the background ready to go! Some upgrades will also be made to the pre-launch site to give affiliates a better registration and log in experience. 

Full launch date is getting close now. We will update you of the date inside your affiliate dashboard so keep an eye on it.

You will also get notified on Telegram so make sure you are subscribed to our Telegram announcements channel: - click the blue Telegram icon above.

Please do not forget that changes to affiliate registration will happen after launch, but all pre-launch affiliates will be FREE forever.

Also, do not forget that you MUST not refer people to be users of service 1 and 2 until after launch. Registration is only open for affiliates that will sponsor other affiliates before launch.

See this about beta 5000

See this about your future income!

Commission Payment Options - Get Your Commission!

How do you want to receive your commission and overrides?

We would love to hear from you!

Please suggest your payment preference here: