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New Feature - Guaranteed Sales 

Clients can now pause their Guaranteed Sales delivery if our system starts delivering too fast for them to cope with.

Yesterday, two of our Guaranteed Sales' clients sold-out of the product we were selling because, they did not prepare enough for our delivery of sales.

Guaranteed Sales clients must watch out for the 3 week delivery warning that we send before we start to deliver sales. We send it 3 weeks before we deliver the $155,000 of sales to your business. If you have an issue with supply or resources, this is the time to hit the pause button to temporarily stop the delivery before we start delivering 1000's of sales to your business that you cannot handle.

You can also pause a delivery while we are delivering sales if you have a problem with supply or resources.

Additionally, when we start delivering and the delivery is arriving too fast for your staff to process, you can pause the Guaranteed Sales delivery and restart it when you have caught up.

To pause a delivery go to: and click the pause button.

GTS Service Compliance Update Share This

GTS Service Compliance Update

  • Standard Adverts are paid for service.
  • Standard Adverts can be upgraded to a Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service for free.
  • Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service is a contractual service.
  • The contractual service contractually, instantly and irrevocably binds the Advertiser, and the Advertiser alone, to use the free GTS Service subject to them digitally signing three (3) contracts of Agreement.
  • Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service contracts are digitally signed by the Advertiser in their own name and cannot be changed to another name.
  • Adverts and/or Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service are not transferable by name or Advertiser account.
  • Standard Adverts can be used to promote anything. 
  • Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service are restricted to only products and services, that when sold, generate profit and that profit must be shared with 5B under contract at the fixed mandatory rate of 34%.
  • Advertisers that own Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service as upgraded free from a Standard Advert, are the ultimate and sole owner of the GTS Service and cannot assign the use 'nor ownership 'nor responsibility of said contractual Agreement between the Advertiser and Company (5B).
  • Advertisers, under Agreement, cannot sub-contract Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service to another entity without exception. 
  • If an Advertiser has Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service in their account and the URL in that GTS Service does not belong to them 'by exact 5B profile name and address' under KYC in their wallet, it is a breach of Agreement.
  • If Advertisers have Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service contracts for a URL they do not own as per Agreement, they must be changed immediately.

5B is experiencing a lot of Advertisers who do not understand the Agreement and many that do not care about the Agreement. If you have a Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service and the URL belongs to your wife, husband, cousin, grandfather, grandmother, mother, son, daughter, sister, brother, friend, partner, a company name, sponsor or anyone else, then it will be deleted by compliance and your account closed.

This is non-negotiable. Exemption link #3/#4.

We have sent Advertisers a compliance ticket already asking for concrete proof they own the URL of each Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service contract in their Advertiser account. Sadly, the responses to this ticket have been the following:

  • I added proofs as requested, but closed the ticket after - These need to be redone.
  • I cannot get proof - Proof needs to be provided.
  • Handwritten notes promising us they own the URL - Not valid.
  • Handwritten notes promising us their wife will pay us - Not valid.
  • URLS that are owned by children with promissory notes - Delete your childs account.
  • Proofs in a company name - Not valid.
  • Proof in wife's name - Not valid.

And many more configurations of the above... Which are not acceptable. Advertiser name and address is only valid option.

The number of proofs of ownership that are failing compliance is high and so is the number of Advertisers who do not upload proofs. 

Compliance will be responding with requests and instructions via the same ticket. Please do not close the ticket for any reason.

We may choose to send a new ticket and delete old to a range of Advertisers. If compliance send you a new ticket, it will delete the old ticket automatically. You will see the new ticket in your advert back office tickets area.

Sell Data On Boarding - SDP Approvals Share This

Sell Data Profile Approvals

If you have on boarded to Sell Data recently by completing the mandatory Sell Data Profile (SDP), please check your affiliate messages and email inbox for approval notification from tomorrow 23/11/22.

Users who have been accepted or rejected will get a notification informing them of what comes next and what to do.


All Users Must Be Over 18 Years Old Share This

Sell Data, Refer $ Earn & Advertisers

All users of this platform must be over the age of 18 and be able to independently KYC their accounts.

No KYC, no join.

This will limit the ability of cheats and future issues.

Sell Data = 18+ ONLY with KYC.

This will make it a safer platform for people.

KYC Proof of Addresses Must be Dated Within 3 Months Share This

KYC Proof of Addresses Must be Dated Within 3 Months

After January 21st 2023, you will be able to upload a dated proof of address like an energy bill and set reminders to upload a new one each 3 months. This feature will keep your KYC rolling without the fear of the proof of address expiring and your KYC being rejected when your status is rechecked.

Currently, user status is rechecked when you visit your wallet, check KYC, visit your profile, check commission and more... 

Currently, if your proof of address has expired the 3 months, your KYC will get rejected and a new proof added which can take some time. After January 21st, you will be able to add a new proof of address before the old one expires so KYC will just flip to the new proof instead of getting rejected.

Refer $ Earn On Boarding to Resume Soon Share This

Refer $ Earn On Boarding to Resume Soon

Registrations for new users was restricted due to ongoing upgrade of new user KYC and changes in the structure of the network to improve it for new upcoming service plugins that will enable easy add-on of new services as they are released to the network.

It will also allow easy network restructures with snap off/on capability. 

You will be updated here when the network is ready for new users. 

Sell Data Notifications for SDP Approval Share This

Sell Data Notifications

People who have had their SDP checked and approved for on boarding will be contacted by notification in the next 7 days. Notifications will be sent to your affiliate back office messages. Additionally, after approval, the Sell Data UI will be updated with approval to show you have had your SDP approved. 

You should keep your SDP up to date even before access to Step 2.

See here


Sell Data On Boarding Continues Share This

Sell Data On Boarding Continues

With the all new Sell Data service launch looming, don't forget to on board yourself as soon as possible.

We are currently reviewing user Sell Data Profiles (SDP) to ensure that we can include the demographics for partnerships.

We may ask you to pop along again soon just to add some data to enhance your SDP to make partnerships more valuable.

We will notify users along the way.


Pocket Has Launched - 26th October 2022 Share This

Pocket Launched 26th October 2022

Now your wallet will be able to transfer earnings from wallet balance to a digital pocket. You will be able to spend your earnings using your digital pocket.

As previously announced, you will be able to buy adverts using earnings via the pocket app. This is a great feature for GTAgencies.

Additionally, you will be able to settle 34% Profit Share payments to 5B using the wallet's pocket app. 

Please do not request further information or support on the pocket app.

5B Wallet Upgrade Complete 7th October 2022 Share This

5B Wallet Upgrade Complete 7th October 2022

We have been busy preparing the 5B wallet for the future integration of our digital Pocket which will be launched very soon.

If you have tried to change how you can withdraw from the wallet in the last 7-10 days, you will have noticed the option to change your bank account was under maintenance. Changes could not be made however the wallet has been updated now and you can change your bank account details if you need to.