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GTS service Upgrade - Product/Service Price

The price upgrade to Step 4 of GTS service has been installed.

When upgrading for free from a Standard Advert to a GTS service, you can now select the price of a service/product in most currencies as well as $USD.

This is retrofit so GTS services that were published before upgrade will have the ability to be updated and priced in your selected currency to prevent currency fluctuations after alteration. 



GTS service Upgrade - Product/Service Price Share This

GTS service Upgrade - Product/Service Price

Some upgrades are happening at GTS service before GTAgents.

Shortly, you will see an upgrade to Step 4 of GTS service, where you can upgrade your Standard Advert for free to a GTS service, which will enable Advertisers to select the price of a service/product in most currencies as well as $USD.

When the upgrade has been implemented and tested we will post here in news posts.

Upgrade will be retrofit so GTS services that were published before upgrade will have the ability to be updated and priced in your selected currency to prevent currency fluctuations after alteration. 

After testing and installation, we will alert you in news posts.


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Sell Data On Boarding - Next Step When?

As users on board to Sell Data, we are checking, storing and priming their accounts for Sell Data until the new 5Brow$er is released.

We will keep you up to date here, in news posts.



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GTS service Downgrades to Standard Advert

If you have had a GTS service downgraded to Standard Advert please note this:

A. Connect your Standard Advert to a GTS service compliant business web site using the below rules.

B. If your Standard Advert is setup correctly, compliance will take you to the next step in their own time.

C. Compliance will reach out to you by notification to upgrade for free for the 2nd time to GTS service depending on the level of breach of Advertiser Agreement. 

D. Compliance will ask you to complete the step 4 upgrade for free again. 

E. Compliance will check and permit your upgrade.

The rules for a GTS service:

You need to buy a Standard Advert to upgrade to GTS service for free. You do not order or pay for GTS service. GTS service must be set up correctly and if not, it can be penalized by downgrading back to the original paid for Standard Advert and blocked from upgrading again. GTS Service can only promote and sell 1 product/service. If your advert promotes other products/services and/or your Step 4 does not describe the 1 product/service only, it is wrong. You are required to complete the Standard Advert correctly when upgrading it to GTS service. Failures that will penalize your GTS service include, but not limited to:

  1. Country Targeting - If your business can only sell to clients from USA, do not set targeting for other countries.  If your business does not sell to some countries, do not set targeting to worldwide. ONLY select countries your business sells to. Your business must be compliant with all targeted country's privacy and GDPR and if not, must be excluded. 
  2. Gender - If your 1 product/service majority or only sells to females, do not select male or both and vice versa. It is ONLY the one product that will be promoted and sold. Only target buyers for the 1 product/service. 
  3. Age - If your 1 product/service is for example; a medical plan for people 45-60 years old, do not target clients under 45 or over 60.
  4. Audience - If you can only sell the 1 product/service to clients in the USA that are female between the ages of 45-60, you are required to match the Standard Advert's targeting exactly to match the business.
  5. URL - Must be an official URL from the business that is not shortened or drop 3rd party cookies not covered by privacy policy. Cannot be a 3rd party short link. URL must land on the one product/service page with a checkout/transaction option. It cannot link to a webinar, video, form, lead capture, page of links, survey or anything distracting that prevents the client paying/joining. URL cannot be a home page. URL cannot be owned by someone else. Target website must be compliant with privacy and GDPR of all GTS service targeted countries/states.
  6. Advert - The advert's wording in headline and body fields must relate to the 1 product/service being sold in the GTS service. It must not advertise another product/service or the company/supplier. Advert cannot be someone else's advert. The images loaded to the advert must be relevant to the 1 product/service.
  7. Business - The affiliate link or business must belong to you. If affiliate link, when clicked must show your registered name with 5B and/or show your correct full legal name and GTS service URL in the affiliate business back office.
  8. Step 4 - This page must be completed using words that describe the 1 product/service you want to sell. It must not describe the company, its activities or other products/services. If it is a health plan, it must detail the health plan only being sold and what it does. If it is three bottles of tablets, it must describe the 3 bottle package and what it does, not another number of bottles etc.
  9. Price - Must be the price of the product/service so, if three bottles, it will be the three bottle price. Price cannot be an estimate or average. You need to choose one product/service and describe, and price it. Change to price must be updated in Step 4.
  10. Net Profit - Must be the commission you are paid for selling the product/service described and priced in (8) and (9). Cannot be an average. Cannot change or fluctuate. If net profit changes by slightest amount, it must be updated on Step 4. 


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On Boarding Early LIVE

Just went live see


GTAgencies & Sell Data On Boarding Share This

GTAgencies & Sell Data On Boarding

Sell Data On Boarding Early - On boarding has been moved up to today.

Recovering users that have submitted KYC already will be able to onboard from 18.00 today.

To onboard go to login and use the normal recovery code to get access to onboarding.

GTAgencies has been pushed back to allow for SD onboarding. We will update GTAgents here about on boarding of GTAgencies soon...



On Boarding of People in Recovery Share This

On or Before 15th Jan - On boarding

People waiting for KYC in recovery steps are going to be allowed to on board initially to Sell Data in readiness for future full recovery.

We have experienced a huge number of fake Sell Data users, and it has totally altered how we check and authenticate Sell Data Users in the future. 

Fake rate is very high for Sell Data users who joined before August 2022.

Fake rate for onboarding recovery accounts is very high. Not a lot has changed!

If you passed recovery steps to KYC, then try recovery after Jan 15th as you should be able to pre-register with Sell Data.


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Old Extension Updates to Merge with New 5Brow$er App Release

Users of the current Android/Chrome/Firefox 5B extension will notice big changes in how we distribute adverts to targets. Updates have not been released on Apple devices yet.

These changes/upgrades, when tested will be merged to the new 5B Brow$er in the near future.

Pocket has been built and already integrated with the 5B wallet. The 5Brow$er is more complicated and we are still getting technical issues with the integration of Pocket and experiencing challenging compliance issues.

The 5B extension is being fed updated code and improved weekly and all the updates will be mirrored in the 5Brow$er on its launch TBC.

Updated versions of extension are not available or fed to Apple devices until a stable Android has been finalized.

You will be kept updated in news posts.

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Illegal Adverts On the 5B Ad Network

Since we increased our Advertising Network's reach in the last couple of weeks as we are busy building, we have experienced an unexpected number of problems with sites being promoted and their viewing legality.

If your advert is or could be targeting countries that you should not be doing due to the nature/content of the promoted page/site, type of business or legal terms of business, delivery or terms; you must stop them from doing so immediately to avoid problems.

If you have a contract plan already, please check it for audience targeting.

If you have not got a contract plan yet, go to Step 2 and select the advert and click view > content and check the countries and ages are correct.

If you are targeting young or older people, make sure the business you are promoting is suited to the age and also what you are selling is targeted correctly to match your services and people seeing the advert can buy.

Some businesses stipulate/limit age ranges of customers they accept, please make sure your advert is correctly targeted to the permitted ages, gender and location.

The business you are promoting must be legal for all countries, ages targeted and privacy.

Please check your adverts. This applies to Standard Adverts and GTS service.

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GTS Service Compliance Update

  • Standard Adverts are paid for service.
  • Standard Adverts can be upgraded to a Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service for free.
  • Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service is a contractual service.
  • The contractual service contractually, instantly and irrevocably binds the Advertiser, and the Advertiser alone, to use the free GTS Service subject to them digitally signing three (3) contracts of Agreement.
  • Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service contracts are digitally signed by the Advertiser in their own name and cannot be changed to another name.
  • Adverts and/or Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service are not transferable by name or Advertiser account.
  • Standard Adverts can be used to promote anything. 
  • Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service are restricted to only products and services, that when sold, generate profit and that profit must be shared with 5B under contract at the fixed mandatory rate of 34%.
  • Advertisers that own Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service as upgraded free from a Standard Advert, are the ultimate and sole owner of the GTS Service and cannot assign the use 'nor ownership 'nor responsibility of said contractual Agreement between the Advertiser and Company (5B).
  • Advertisers, under Agreement, cannot sub-contract Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service to another entity without exception. 
  • If an Advertiser has Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service in their account and the URL in that GTS Service does not belong to them 'by exact 5B profile name and address' under KYC in their wallet, it is a breach of Agreement.
  • If Advertisers have Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service contracts for a URL they do not own as per Agreement, they must be changed immediately.

5B is experiencing a lot of Advertisers who do not understand the Agreement and many that do not care about the Agreement. If you have a Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service and the URL belongs to your wife, husband, cousin, grandfather, grandmother, mother, son, daughter, sister, brother, friend, partner, a company name, sponsor or anyone else, then it will be deleted by compliance and your account closed.

This is non-negotiable. Exemption link #3/#4.

We have sent Advertisers a compliance ticket already asking for concrete proof they own the URL of each Guaranteed Sales & Signups/GTS Service contract in their Advertiser account. Sadly, the responses to this ticket have been the following:

  • I added proofs as requested, but closed the ticket after - These need to be redone.
  • I cannot get proof - Proof needs to be provided.
  • Handwritten notes promising us they own the URL - Not valid.
  • Handwritten notes promising us their wife will pay us - Not valid.
  • URLS that are owned by children with promissory notes - Delete your childs account.
  • Proofs in a company name - Not valid.
  • Proof in wife's name - Not valid.

And many more configurations of the above... Which are not acceptable. Advertiser name and address is only valid option.

The number of proofs of ownership that are failing compliance is high and so is the number of Advertisers who do not upload proofs. 

Compliance will be responding with requests and instructions via the same ticket. Please do not close the ticket for any reason.

We may choose to send a new ticket and delete old to a range of Advertisers. If compliance send you a new ticket, it will delete the old ticket automatically. You will see the new ticket in your advert back office tickets area.