5B Wallet Upgrade Complete 7th October 2022 Share This

5B Wallet Upgrade Complete 7th October 2022

We have been busy preparing the 5B wallet for the future integration of our digital Pocket which will be launched very soon.

If you have tried to change how you can withdraw from the wallet in the last 7-10 days, you will have noticed the option to change your bank account was under maintenance. Changes could not be made however the wallet has been updated now and you can change your bank account details if you need to.

Pocket Launching Soon Share This

Pocket Launching Soon

Soon your wallet will be able to transfer earnings from wallet balance to a digital pocket. You will be able to spend your earnings using your digital pocket.

As previously announced, you will be able to buy adverts using earnings via the pocket app. 

Additionally, you will be able to settle 34% Profit Share payments to 5B using the wallet's pocket app. 

Pocket will be integrated into your wallet soon.

Please do not request further information or support on the pocket app.


GTS Service Compliance Share This

GTS Service Compliance

As a new security feature, after an Advertiser completes and saves a Contract Plan, it can enter compliance to check the Advertiser's business, supply, policies and terms, and test legitimacy. Up to today, compliance was limited to businesses selling unique products/services and/or new advertisers to ensure they understand what they're distributing, the quality of it, the supply and return policy. We will only deliver sales to Advertisers who know their business, understand their obligations as a seller and help us build the platform by being reliable partners.

Because the customers are being delivered from the ad network which is owned by us, we have immense responsibility to make sure your business will supply items paid for and they match your advert's description and price. For unique products/services we may ask for a sample to be delivered to protect the platform.

If we ask you for your product's/service's refund or return policy, please provide it willingly, quickly and clearly.

When we ask you if you have tested a product like clothing or a software download please, confirm you have.

Compliance is supposed to add an extra layer of security for our mutual customers by reducing risk/s.

Over the last week, we have experienced many complaints from 'new' Advertisers why we ask for the above compliance and have been inundated with support requests and Advertisers complaining about compliance checks on quality and the return and refund terms. We find this extraordinary and worrying that Advertisers do not understand the risks of delivering sales to a new business that is not tested or vetted. 

As a consequence, we will reset all Advertiser's 'saved' Contract Plans and make it mandatory to complete the compliance answers in the Contract Plan stage.

This applies to ALL GTS Services not delivered yet.

GTS Service Failure Example Share This

GTS Service Failure Example

The 5B GTS Service is being seriously affected and slowed down by bad adverts like this that leech resources from the delivery platform. This is a real copy and paste extract from the notification to this Advertiser and many more tonight.

This is 5B GTS Service Compliance. We are here to protect 5B and its framework to include longevity and continued functionality of the GTS Service we provide to other members. First and foremost, we are here to ensure that your GTS Service is set up correctly to generate/pay YOU the correct amount of sales commission AND enable us to collect our 34% from YOU and distribute PSC to your sponsor and upline.

Your advert does not pass the FIRST test because the link used ( cannot generate YOU a profit to then share with us and your upline. It will not/cannot generate YOU a profit because it is not an affiliate link. You have been asked to check your link calculates statistics on the target business before Contract Plan. It cannot generate a profit to share because you DO NOT have an affiliate link/account with to earn commission from.

Your advert does not pass the SECOND test because the link in your advert does not link to and sell 1 dedicated product/service. We do not send site-wide sales traffic ESPECIALLY to Amazon India.

To send sales to Amazon India you need an associate account with them to generate profit to pay us our 34%. You cannot use our GTS Service to deliver sales to a business that cannot recognize YOUR sales activity and PAY you commission to afford to pay us our 34%.

Your GTS Service Contract Plan will be canceled in due course. Your advert will restart from status 1 and your account will be penalized on ALL other GTS Service deliveries. All your adverts restart as a penalty.

This is NOT a unique case.

If you have an advert that is wrong, you are REQUIRED to edit the errors instantly. The advert above has lost GTS status. We cannot deliver to Advertisers that have not set up correctly.

Step 3 Account Recovery - Went Live 20th September 2022 Share This

Step 3 Account Recovery - Live

It has been live since 20th September...

Passed Step 2? Please begin Step 3!

For more information, please see this news post...

Not started recovery yet? Go to login page and scroll to bottom...

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On-Boarding for Sell Data Phase 2 Starts 20th October Share This

Sell Data On-Boarding Starts 20th October 2022

Sell Data will be re-opening on 20th October.

On the 20th October, click the join Sell Data box (1) on the Money Maker page.

From the 20th October you will start to see credits being added 'live as it happens' to your stats pages and SDC and SDO as members/users

There has been a lot of changes made to Sell Data and how it works. The first thing you will experience is a new Sell Data Profile that MUST be kept current with a mandatory weekly update required and will not any longer allow you to collect browsing data and store it on our server unless you confirm your Data Profile weekly. This will ensure your Data Profile and collected browsing data sync and enhance consistently. In future, members will only be able to validate their browsing data each week by reviewing their Data Profile first and updating or confirming its correctness.

More updates about Sell Data will follow. Please do not ask for support or information in advance of official news posts.

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Step 3 Account Recovery - Starts on 20th September 2022 Share This

Step 3 Account Recovery - Starts on 20th September 2022

Check your recovery account. If you passed Step 2, then you'll be able to go Step 3.

Step 3 is KYC submission. Pass KYC and you move to Step 4.

KYC is simple! Please do not ask for support with KYC. 



Lost Recovery Codes Share This

Lost Recovery Codes

For the people that did not pass the login security challenge that then started recovery BUT forgot their recovery code or did not follow instructions...

We have added a feature called RESET on the login page.

If you forget your recovery code, click reset and start again.

If you fail step 1, click reset and start again.

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Recovery of Referrals STEP 2 Share This

From Deleted to Recovering Step 2

Today, members that passed Step 1 of recover account can start step 2. All they have to do is go to login and click recover account, enter their recovery code and start step 2.

You can track the progress of your referrals on the SDC page as they change from Step 1 to 2.

The process for onboarding any member that forgot their registered details will be strict and will require full KYC before access restarts for those that identify themselves.

Please do not ask for special treatment for individual cases because all need to be processed using the same strict recovery onboarding process.

If you want to recover an account, please go to login page and scroll to the bottom. Click 'Recover Access' button and follow instructions.

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SDI Withdrawal - 25th August 2022 for Sell Data Users Share This

SDI Withdrawal - 25th August 2022 for Sell Data Users

PayPoint #1 - To sell your data on the 25th August, go to your Sell Data back office and navigate to ‘Pending’ - 

Click the orange ‘Add to Wallet’ button to start the withdrawal process.

You will be asked to permit us to check your Browsing Data quality before buying it.

Your first data sale can take up to 30 working days to process due to potentially checking up to 5 months data. Your data will continue to be stored until we buy it. When bought, payment will be added to your 5B wallet under Balances + Sell Data Income tab. You will need to select the tab and then add the payment to Withdraw tab. Now you can withdraw using a secure approved payment withdrawal method.

About Sell Data and how to sell the data you have collected.

When you added the Sell Data service to your free account, you completed a Data Profile which is the key to selling your data at a PayPoint. Your Sell Data Profile is the core and engine of the Browsing Data you collect on your devices, store for free on our servers, and then sell to us on the set ‘data buying’ date (PayPoint) as set out in your back office - first PayPoint being August 25th.

A lot of Sell Data users think they work for us however, you work for yourself as self-employed contractors collecting data from your browsing activity and storing it on our servers until we buy your data and start using it. Sell Data users collect their browsing data under contract using our extensions, and in that contract, each Sell Data user is responsible for the setup and maintenance of their Sell Data Profile. It must be setup according to your lifestyle, interests, habits, behavior, income, demographics, education and more… You must then keep editing it like you do your Facebook profile, with changes to your life. 

Your Data Profile is how we target your browser on the ad networks to display adverts or promotion before buying your stored browsing data. After we buy your stored data at a PayPoint, it is added to the core/engine which ‘enhances’ your Sell Data Profile providing it has been setup about you and your family correctly. Your Sell Data Profile is how we monetize your account. If you do not setup and update your Sell Data Profile as per contract, your browsing data becomes more worthless over time as your family and lifestyle changes which causes our targeting to fail. You must check and update it very frequently to continue service.

Advertisers on the wider Browser Network expect that all different platform’s user profiles to be correct and up to date to target and retarget browsers. Your Sell Data Profile is constantly monitored for changes so the data your browser collected can be segmented at the time of change or the data has no value. If no changes are made to your Sell Data Profile, you will be automatically challenged on its content to check the quality of the browsing data being stored before it is bought. Advertisers want results and if your Data Profile is not correct or up to date, results are hard to achieve. 

We do not buy your data as it is collected daily. At each PayPoint, after we’ve paid for that period's browsing data do we own it and use it to enhance your Sell Data Profile.

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