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Prompt Payment of Advert Commissions

I can now fully testify that 5BillionSales is a legit and ethical company. They keep their words. I withdrew my first 40$ ADVERT commission and within 72 hours it was paid into my Binance Wallet. My next 40$ commission is due in 25 days. I am more super excited because my 2 Guaranteed sales adverts are both at stage 5 of delivery. I can't wait to receive my $155k net profit within the next 2 to 3 months. To those who are still observing with skepticism, the time to join is NOW. No one should be left behind. 5BILLIONSALES to the moon.

proflekc - Cameroon

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I have been paid $660 so far!

When I joined 28th December 2021 just before the launch, I thought, "maybe I could make a little money here" and use 5 Billion Sales as a lead magnet. Then the "Guaranteed Sales" program was announced, and I thought "maybe I could promote an affiliate program with these guys and make a little more money”. I'm not going to lie to you, I didn't think 5 Billion Sales would last too long when I first looked at it, because I have seen so many well intended opportunities come and go and I would personally usually lose money. So, all along I have not expected to earn much money with 5 Billion Sales! Well so far, I have been paid out $660, which isn't much. However, I have so far sold 47 Guaranteed Sales adverts. Which totals $940 in initial commissions. The $660 that I have been paid so far, is from that $940 But, that is only the very start, as I also earn a profit share when each of these sales adverts complete their 3 cycles. That profit share is $1,000 per cycle completion, for a total of $3,000 per advert . If you do the math, so far this year I have earned “on full completion” of all these Sales Adverts, $141,000. My earnings don't end there, because I have purchased 12 adverts myself and 3 of those adverts are at status 9 now, so hopefully in about 4 weeks I should start seeing many sales taking place! Honestly, I am very excited as 5 Billion Sales potential is way beyond my initial hopes or dreams. For everything I see, these guys are the "#1 Industry Disruptors of the Century" and you do not want to be found sitting on the fence, watching this opportunity pass you by! While there are no guarantees in this world, you can join 5 Billion Sales for free and if you promote the different services and opportunities, you can potential earn a lot of money. To me this is a no brainer!

richardjrose - Canada

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Test Auszahlung

Innerhalb von nur 24 Stunden war meine erste Auszahlung auf meinem Konto. Das nenne ich mal einen sehr guten Service.

metter - Germany

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WHAT A GOOD OPPORTUNITY? I told you 5BillionSales is real! I received my first withdrawal of $40 into my binance account which is the commission of two advert Sold, the days are counting down for another $40 to be withdrawn. Are you still doubting? 5BillionSales is the game changer. God can choose to send someone into your life to be a blessing to you, if you don't take time, you will ignore that person and miss that blessing for ever. 5BillionSales is that person whom God has chosen to bless you! if you keep doubting and ignore 5B, you are running away from your blessings. God has chosen to bless you through 5BillionSales. 5B is paying, it's will pay and continue to pay. Come and let change the future together with 5BillionSales. Gavlo Sebastian-Ghana🇬🇭

gavlo - Ghana

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Advert Commission

I joined 5billionsales late last year and sold my first data in March of this year. I went on to recruit my friends and family members. I must confess that I was initially skeptical about this business because I have participated in previous MLM that ended up a disappointment. One of my downlines bought 2 adverts and a few weeks later, my wallet was credited with 2 x $20 =$40. I withdrew my commission. 5billionsales works and it is real. I just made $40 in passive income. Thank you 5billionsales. ugobassey888.

ugobassey888 - United States of America

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GTS Sell Advert Bonus Received

This is amazing...I successfully withdrew my Guaranteed Sales Sell Advert Bonus of $40 and it was so so wonderful especially the professional approach with which $5B team handle members concerns. For all the doubters please it's high time you embrace $5B and aggressively promote it for others to join because what is coming is far bigger than what you can imagine. Thanks to all the management and operators of 5Billionsales.

cashdaddie - Nigeria

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I am happy to be paid my first commission .

I am Shilji Syriac from India. I received 20$ withdrawal from 5billiansales in my Bank account . I am very happy for recirve it in just few days in Indian currency in my Bank account .5billiansales is a new trend to erning money. If you have a big dream in your life and want to give financial security to you family , this is the best platform for you .BIG DREAM > BIG TEAM > BIG SUCCESS .Thank God . Thanks to 5billion sales Shilji72 - India

shilji72 - India

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Payment Received

Wow my commission payment 🥂

hatfra - South Africa

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Eine super Sache

Guten Tag wertes 5 Billion Sales Team Als mein Upliner dazumal von 5 Billion Sales erzählt hatte, konnte ich fast nicht glauben, dass ich mit "KEINEM EINGESETZTEN GELD" wirklich irgendwann Geld verdienen würde. Dies ist nun aber passiert, ich habe meine ersten EUR 520 auf mein Konto überwiesen erhalten, weitere Auszahlungen sind in der Pipeline drin. Ganz herzlichen Dank dafür.

markus63 - Switzerland

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5billionsales pays

I signed in this great opportunity during the pre-launch and since then, I have been committed in building up my team and ensure that I impact them same knowledge. Just yesterday I withdrew my first $20 from this business and in landed in my binance account. I encourage everyone to take this opportunity serious and keep building their team for greater things are ahead of us. Chukwudi from Nigeria

chuksmat - Nigeria