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I just received my $20, believe in 5B they are real and do what they say . No time for time wasters 5B has come for good and to change many lifes 5B the best.

antonio1 - Ghana

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I am so excited to be an Affiliate for 5 Billion Sales

I was introduced to this company in September 2021 and I immediately got excited, because it was offering an ethical mega business opportunity to many all around the Globe, to get paid for sharing their Data. To date I have received all payments due to me in the form of commission - on time and efficiently! (over $300). This really IS the REAL deal and I am so excited to continue sharing this amazing opportunity with others all over the world so they too can benefit . My belief and trust in this company is unwavering. I look forward to my future with 5 Billion Sales and the many other income streams it offers.

brenslloyd - United Kingdom

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Paying great!!

I received $400 right on schedule

thedanceman - United States of America

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A Serious Company that means business!

I got involved in 5B a long time ago, but having had bad experiences in the past, i did nothing with it. The website grew and grew and I started to realize that this Company means business! As a Web Designer I found Guaranteed Sales Ads to be amazing. I bought 3 at first, because i was uncertain, now i have 27 Guaranteed Sales Ads. You can image how much I trust 5B now! Working with support is incredible, chatting with ADMAN in Skype is so professional and so efficient! Yes i have made money, this impressed me, transferred 590 Dollars so far... transferring took 3 simple clicks :-) and less than 48 hours later it was in my account. I can't wait till my first 3 Ads are in Delivery Status. I am in Status Notice at the moment. Sooooo Exciting Steve

wdv-71 - Switzerland

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Received advert Commissions ($800)

I am pleased to join the thousands of affiliates who have been paid advert commissions. All payments (total $800) were made very promptly and to my bank account. Eagerly waiting to also post a testimonial after profit share. Very excited about this great opportunity!!!

kuber8888 - United States of America

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Another advert commission received!

5 Billion Sales keeps paying commissions despite all of their efforts in sorting through multitudes of accounts that have abused this wonderful opportunity! Many, many more commissions on the way. There is absolutely ZERO room left for doubt….Thank you for making this opportunity available for honest individuals who appreciate your service.

baldwinbitcoin - United States of America

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Obulamu butandise okukyuka, nafunye ssente zange ezisooka okuva mu kutuna EKIRANGO (GTS) GUARANTEED SELLS 76000 ugx ($20), lekeraawo okwekwasa ebintu ebyenjawulo naawe osobola okufuna mu Mukisa guno. Thanks 5billionsales for this amazing opportunity. Maryugx - Uganda

marryug - Uganda

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Eine Super Chance

5 Billion ist eine super Chance für jeden, der monatlich ein kleines Zubrot oder noch mehr verdienen möchte. Und das ohne einen finanziellen Einsatz! Ich selbst habe auch nicht daran geglaubt und war sehr skeptisch. Aber 5 B hält sein Wort. Ich erhielt meine Auszahlung von 160 Euro schnell und komplikationslos auf mein Konto. Wer diese Chance mit 5 B für sich nicht ergreift, der weiss nicht, was ihm in Zukunft entgehen wird!

natisart - Germany

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Provisionen und Überschreibungen werden pünktlich bezahlt... Danke !!!

Ich möchte mich recht herzlich beim 5Billions-Team bedanken. Bin seit November 2021 hier angemeldet und kann nur positives über 5-Billion-Sales sagen. Die Provisionen und die Überschreibungen ( $20 und $1 ) wurden schnell und pünktlich ausgezahlt. Bisher sind auf meinem Bankkonto $586 eingegangen und es werden noch mehrere Summen folgen. Man kann 5-Billion-Sales bedenkenlos weiter empfehlen und es ist ja auch noch kostenlos !!! Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus Deutschland......Harald Theis

loewemann1957 - Germany

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I have been paid $660 so far!

When I joined 28th December 2021 just before the launch, I thought, "maybe I could make a little money here" and use 5 Billion Sales as a lead magnet. Then the "Guaranteed Sales" program was announced, and I thought "maybe I could promote an affiliate program with these guys and make a little more money”. I'm not going to lie to you, I didn't think 5 Billion Sales would last too long when I first looked at it, because I have seen so many well intended opportunities come and go and I would personally usually lose money. So, all along I have not expected to earn much money with 5 Billion Sales! Well so far, I have been paid out $660, which isn't much. However, I have so far sold 47 Guaranteed Sales adverts. Which totals $940 in initial commissions. The $660 that I have been paid so far, is from that $940 But, that is only the very start, as I also earn a profit share when each of these sales adverts complete their 3 cycles. That profit share is $1,000 per cycle completion, for a total of $3,000 per advert . If you do the math, so far this year I have earned “on full completion” of all these Sales Adverts, $141,000. My earnings don't end there, because I have purchased 12 adverts myself and 3 of those adverts are at status 9 now, so hopefully in about 4 weeks I should start seeing many sales taking place! Honestly, I am very excited as 5 Billion Sales potential is way beyond my initial hopes or dreams. For everything I see, these guys are the "#1 Industry Disruptors of the Century" and you do not want to be found sitting on the fence, watching this opportunity pass you by! While there are no guarantees in this world, you can join 5 Billion Sales for free and if you promote the different services and opportunities, you can potential earn a lot of money. To me this is a no brainer!

richardjrose - Canada