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I'm withdrawing my first commission! 

My mind is blown - 1 month ago I started promoting 5B Guaranteed Sales as an affiliate... I sent my Guaranteed Sales affiliate link to my network marketing partners, but they told me it will never work however, I did not give up! Only one of them bought an advert, but within days of publishing it, she told our group that she got 18 sales after her advert went live waiting for her Guaranteed Sales delivery to start. My NWM friends bought 43 adverts off my link! I am so thankful for this opportunity to promote such a game-changing all-in-one solution that is going to change the landscape of the advertising and direct sales industry! Thank you to 5B and their team for all you do! This is life-changing! Wishing everyone the best on their 5B affiliate venture! Happy Sunday!

Valentina L. - El Salvador

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Withdrawn My First $120 Commission

I never got paid by a business before. My life has been unfortunate and very bad. I worked for many in 3 years and never got a commission payment and now I rejoice and have faith once again in humanity. I have lost a lot of money and now I earn some. I love this company for letting me withdraw my $120 earned off adverts I sold. It is the most money I earned for my family. In a world of only terrible news and happenings this is an incredible thing for me to experience I'm blessed thank you 5BS and love to all affiliates.

Adaeze - Nigeria

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100 Adverts & Getting Paid Faster!

I joined in October and got 2673 level 1 affiliates and Sell Data users. After launch, I switched from promoting Sell Data and hit Guaranteed Sales like mad using banners and video from the affiliate back office's marketing page. I A/B tested both affiliate links #1 and #3 and my affiliate link #3 worked best. I pinned a post to my FB page, Twitter and other socials. I wrote my own emails and used aweber to deliver to my contacts. I added a signature to my emails with my affiliate link #3 and changed my iphone signature too. I chatted on marketing newsgroups where newbies learn to promote. I joined a lot of dropshipping, MLM and affiliate groups on FB, Alibaba, Telegram and Reddit. I created a throw away gmail and posted it on 100 groups and got spammed, but answered each with an away message and signature. I referred 48 new people that bought adverts and my other level 1 affiliates have bought 70+ adverts off me so far. Life is great! Now I got my 100 ads and teaching my Level 1 how to replicate what I did so they get paid their Sell Data commission and overrides faster too. Withdrew my first $600 yesterday... Happy Days!

Yaara - Israel

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Amazing Advertising Results

Amazing results! Bought an advert. I am in shock how good this is. I use a standard advert. I bought my advert on 3rd March 2022 and Google analytics show 31,597,714 views and 823,820 clicks. This is amazing and there is no chance that I could get this with a Google or Facebook advert for $269! I would not be able to afford the same results from Google! It is insane and my advert has another 11 months to run. My last Google advert cost me so much more than $269. It ran for a couple weeks and I got no action. I have had my standard advert running for under a month and got 282,492 subscriptions to my Crypto newsletter and site. I love this service! I will get some Guaranteed Sales for my businesses.

Karthik - India

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Great Experience

Joined October and built a network. Was kind of hard with the limited information, but got easier when I got the hang of it. I have a great team now. Was lucky to be chosen as a beta affiliate and earned some good money from commissions. Referred some Sell Data and Guaranteed Ads and got paid more commission than I earned in my 9-5 last year. I am excited for the future as got a big downline and want my overrides. 

Albert K. - Hungary

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Got too many join ups!

Was an absolutely crazy time. I am with an MLM and joined 5B as a sideline, but it turned into a main gig. Got so many people joining me, was nerve racking. Best thing I did was buy a advert to test in beta and saw it work. Sent my MLM program a splurge of members and sales, was very happy and anxious to do more. I don't know what else to say, but don't tell people how much you earn if you want to keep it.

Nbt3 - United States of America

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Been Very Busy

Joined as affiliate and never done it before. Was easier than I thought but was very busy. I mean lots of people want in and marketing it was easy. Was a prelaunch and then beta. Now have a good downline and waiting for the overrides to kick in. Made some good money on the sales data commission and moved into my new home. This is well worth doing. Sold five Guaranteed Sales and looking forward to my second profit share.

Abdul M. - Malaysia