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GTAgencies & Sell Data On Boarding

Sell Data On Boarding Early - On boarding has been moved up to today.

Recovering users that have submitted KYC already will be able to onboard from 18.00 today.

To onboard go to login and use the normal recovery code to get access to onboarding.

GTAgencies has been pushed back to allow for SD onboarding. We will update GTAgents here about on boarding of GTAgencies soon...



GTAgents Training Start Date - Extended Share This

GTAgents Training Start Date - Extended


To best provide training to everyone whatever language they speak, we are upgrading video training to include bespoke on-demand AI translations on screen for all languages which can be selected during video play. Your language will be included.

This feature changes the start of training which will be released as soon as established.


KYC Update 18th August 2023 Share This

KYC Update 18th August 2023

The new update option is being added to KYC early. It is being released today.

To prepare for this important improvement to KYC, your old proof is being archived meaning we retain it in KYC however your KYC will fail and members get a notification in their affiliate back office to replace it with a new proof of address. Then after upload of the new, it is self-serve KYC as you will be able to update all options without being asked. 

Your current proof of address has been removed from KYC and needs to be re-uploaded.

After this upload has been achieved, you will be able to update your proof every 3 months without being notified. Self service KYC will keep your account compliant.

Note: If you have changed your name/address/looks, please update your proof of ID and selfie too.

The available options for KYC for each of the 3 requirements are listed in the option drop downs to describe your proof. If the proof you are uploading is not in the drop down do not use it as it will fail. No exceptions.

All KYC is managed from your affiliate back office KYC wallet inside your wallet area.

Coming soon will be a real time KYC video and photo requirement to secure your account and wallet for future upgraded features to be released to your account. Your photo ID and address ID must sync with the geo-location the video and photo is recorded and should be done at the address of your registered account. You will also be required to verbally identify yourself for audio KYC and anti-machine input. Shared devices are not allowed. If geo-location is off or location or time stamped different from data package retrieval (actual) or edited, tampered with or any other manipulation = deleted account. 

To delete your KYC data and account, please use the link at the bottom of page - support > delete account and data. This action completely wipes all data from your account and closes it. No data is retained and means your account will be deleted forever and not recoverable under any circumstances. On deletion you will not be notified of deletion as we will no longer have your email or details to confirm.



NEW KYC Functionality COMING on 25th August 2023 Share This

NEW KYC Functionality COMING on 25th August 2023

From 25th August, members will be able to update their KYC documents and selfie without admin asking., for example when you change address, renew ID, get married, change name etc.

The KYC UI will be updated on 25th August for all members however some tests will be run live with random members.

Note for the 25th August - If you have changed your proof ID, you must swap it in the KYC app. If your proof of ID has an address on it, and does not show your account registered address it will be rejected. If it does not show your image it will be rejected. If it is out of date, it will be rejected.

Note for the 25th August - By changing your ID, you must also update your selfie. The proof of ID used in KYC must also appear in your selfie. Different proofs in the selfie will not be accepted. If your selfie does not include your valid proof of ID used in KYC, it will be rejected.

Note for the 25th August - If you have changed address you must update your proof of address. If your proof of address does not show your registered address and match ID it will be rejected. If it is older than 3 months it will be rejected.

KYC checks is a manual process that can take some time.

If you are an Advertiser, please refer to your Advertiser back office dashboard home. The link to read is Advertiser KYC. All members including Advertisers must submit KYC and the proof of ID must be up to date (within 3 months) and MUST be updated using the new UI to change the Proof of ID every 3 months before expiry.

Everything about KYC is on the KYC app in your wallet. It is clearly stated in the drop down options meant to guide you what is acceptable and not. If your proof is not in the list = NOT (no exceptions).


Site Under Maintenance - Varied Unscheduled Times/Days Share This

Site Under Maintenance - Varied Unscheduled Times/Days.

Unscheduled offline time should be expected due to ongoing updates and maintenance.

Shorter periods will not be notified. Longer periods will be met with a holding page notification.

After a period of offline status, you should delete cache and restart your device if you experience login issues on the login page.


Site Under Maintenance Mode Weds 2nd August 2023 Share This

Site Under Maintenance Mode Weds 2nd August 2023

Date: Wednesday 2nd August 2023
Offline Start Time: Approximately 5:00 PM
Completion Time: Expected completion by 12:00 AM

Times are GMT

Reason: Update of site software, new components, new features, Check Mate, testing new features in live environment before release to general membership usage.



Publishing Adverts AI Check Mate Share This

Publishing Adverts AI Check Mate 

In Phase 1, all orders for advertising were ordered as Standard Adverts with GTS service reserved and subject to terms and conditions of Advertiser Terms. Orders were for Standard Adverts with GTS service reserved and the reservation subject to your business and advert complying with free upgrade to GTS service terms. Advertisers could upgrade to GTS service for free also subject to Advertiser Terms or use the advert as easy to use Standard Advert. From 15th July 2023 all adverts will remain Standard Adverts until Check Mate AI has checked Standard Adverts to comply with the free upgrade to GTS service. Currently, you can create this advert as a Standard Advert in step 2 and 3 and publish it, however cannot add step 4 until Check Mate has checked your Standard Advert complies with GTS service terms and invites you to upgrade to GTS service for free. If your advert does not comply, Check Mate will notify you and virtually assist, advising what to change to get it through compliance and add step 4 (add GTS service) for free under the terms and conditions of contract of Advertiser Agreement. By upgrading for free to a GTS service means you will share your business's profit with us at the rate of 34% of the profit. This 34% profit is shared under the terms of Advertiser Agreement and is called Profit Share. Adverts that do not comply remain Standard as ordered until Advertiser edits step 2 and 3 to comply and Check Mate upgrades to GTS service.

15th July 2023 - process activated.


Your Secret Code - What Is It? Share This

Your Secret Code - What Is It?

  • It is not emailed to you.
  • It does not expire.
  • Only you know it as you created it.

If you are asked for your 'SECRET CODE' it does not mean an email code. Email codes are OTC codes sent for one use at a point of a secure transaction which asks you to collect the OTC from an email and enter it. When you are asked for your 'SECRET' code, we do not email this to you as it is not an OTC. Secret Code refers to a secret number you set up for your account when joining (mandatory). 

You will not be asked for your secret code unless there has been unusual activity on your account OR you are changing KYC, accessing your wallet or making a withdrawal of commission/earnings to an external resource. Secret code is 6 numbers. Secret code is 'YOUR' secret code set up by you and private (SECRET) to your account.

Some members are asked to enter their SECRET CODE during log in. This is due to the level of account sharing by members whereby members log in to each other's account. The secret code entry point at the last stage of login contains an AI component that queries across the 5B property to later engage (BAN) with members that log in to other member's accounts.

If you are an Advertiser maintaining another 'ADVERTISER' account, this is not permitted until Adagents is launched where you will be able to gain access to unlimited Advertiser accounts on bilateral permission based access via your own back office.

Blocked accounts and recovering accounts are NEVER asked for this SECRET CODE and only way to recover is by using the recovery feature on login page.

See previous news posts for more information about Adagents training and launch.  

Losing your private 'SECRET CODE' will stop you from entering sensitive zones of this property to include wallet, KYC and can prevent you from logging in period. Resetting your SECURITY CODE after losing it is a lengthy manual process started with contacting support.  


Compliance Checks - GTS service Step 4 Share This

Compliance Checks - GTS service Step 4

Every Standard Advert that has been upgraded for free to a GTS service (under contract terms) must meet Step 4's simple criteria however many Advertisers are failing to complete it correctly. Failure to comply will result in your GTS service being downgraded back to a Standard Advert. This type of downgrade is not allowed to upgrade to GTS service again. To correct your GTS service before compliance downgrade, go to step 2 and select edit advert and then click step 4 to edit step 4.

Price = Price of the one (1) product or service. If the price changes, then it needs to be updated on Step 4 within 7 days of change. This price must be seen alongside the one item being promoted that your advert lands on when clicked. It must show a checkout or add to cart button or join if a membership is being sold. Only one (1) item can be linked to. You cannot link to a store front or a shop where the visitor needs to find the item; it must be a dedicated information page with no upsell, side sell, switch sale, lead capture or any other funnel or distraction tactic to interfere with the sales process. See contract term 2

Net Profit = Commission you earn from the sale of the one (1) item. No targets permitted (sell 3 to get paid). Only sell/join one item with no terms to delay or invalidate commission payment to ensure Profit Share is paid to 5B for each sale. Net profit cannot be more than or same as the price. Net profit must be provable on request as per contract. See contract term 2

Description = Step 4 descriptions must be completed to be read by the actual visitor, not the company. It must describe only the 1 product you are selling. It must not promote or mention or describe any other product or service to include upsell, side sell or switch sell. See term 2J which stipulates and advises Advertisers to ONLY describe the (1) product being promoted and sold as the transaction the GTS is selling. Company can refuse to provide free GTS service to Advertiser at any time if GTS service step four (4) was incorrectly completed by Advertiser. GTS service only sells one (1) product or service. Step four (4) must be completed honestly, correctly and exactly describing the one (1) product/service being sold by the GTS service to include; name, brand, format (e.g. powder/tablets) benefits; ingredients; description; size or volume; delivery; use; purpose;  guarantees; promises; advice; advisory; special offer/s, trials, how to buy; results etc., and the price and commission/net profit in the price and profit fields. If subscription model, detail; length, frequency, amount, currency ticker and cancelation term. If the Advertiser does not singularly describe the one (1) product/service being promoted by the GTS service, Company will cancel/terminate Advertiser under Clause 12 if within thirty (30) days after payment. However, after thirty (30) days of payment, Company will not refund any such funds. For clarity, Company shall be entitled to remove GTS service by downgrading to the original Standard Advert and allow it to run for twelve (12) months or cease Advertiser Content, retain the payment and will not refund any such funds in the event of such breach by Advertiser. See terms


GTAgents Training Start Date: 28th August 2023 Share This

GTAgents Training Start Date: 28th August 2023 

In preparation for release of the new browser application (5Brow$er App) which will be available on the App Store and Play Store (date to be confirmed in news), GTAgents training manual and videos will be loaded to your Advertiser back office on 28th August 2023.

GTAgents back office will be merged to existing for trials during training.

GTAgents will be able to migrate accounts of their current clients into their back office after training and new accounts can be created after training also.

Start-up packs can be activated after training. Training will take 2 weeks.

We are building...