While 5BillionSales.com is new, we are owned a holding company which operates twenty-five platforms across the web. We are starting the new wave of digital businesses that take the power from the tech giants and give it to the people. Our services are unique and revolutionary however the knowledge to bring change to the Internet's web comes from the twelve years of industry experience the existing platforms have. 5BillionSales.com is bringing change to an industry that deserves to be changed. It is taking the huge wealth from the tech giants and redistributing it fairly to the Web's users as passive income and earnings.

5BillionSales.com is a British company however our holding companies (platforms) are multi-national based in six countries. The services we are bringing to the Web will benefit every user without barriers or limits. Our services are not new, but they are revolutionary and unique due to their monetization of the old world.

More information will be released here after launch... 

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