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Name: Katja Streich
ID: kastrei91

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Your business needs sales or sign-ups. Guaranteed Sales can send your online business $155k extra sales or sign-ups. It works with any eCommerce website to include dropshipping, MLM, affiliate programs, eBay shops, Amazon sellers, Etsy shops, Oberlo stores and Shopify. This is a first-of-its-kind service. For a limited time only, after Guaranteed Sales generates an extra $155k net profit for your business, you pay us a $52,700 profit share. This is a new type of advertising network.

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Limited Time Offer

* Guaranteed Sales has a limited time offer without paying the profit share fee in advance for a once-off $269. Before ordering, make sure your website can handle the volume of new business.

We Can Deliver Sales to:

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MLM & Affiliate Programs

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Refer $ Earn Affiliate Program

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Earn unlimited commission for introducing people and businesses to our services:

1. Earn $100 - Sell My Data

Over 5 Billion people don't get paid for their browsing data yet! We will buy their browsing data and pay you to introduce them. We pay affiliates $100 commission annually for each person's browsing data! All you have to do is give people your affiliate link. They'll click it and join Sell Data for free. We pay people up to $401.50 each year for their browsing data. You can join both Refer $ Earn and Sell Data! However, you can earn a lot more money by building a network of affiliates that will work for you while you sleep, have days off and spend time with your family! 

2. Earn $3020 - Guaranteed Sales

People waste their money, time and energy on adverts and marketing that does not work. Everyone wants to earn more from their business. Facebook is full of marketers trying to sell or get you to sign-up, but not many succeed. Tell marketers, affiliates and website owners about Guaranteed Sales. Give them your affiliate link. They can buy Guaranteed Sales and generate an extra $155k in sales or sign-ups in 90 days. When they buy adverts, you earn $20 each which is paid out in 30 days and you can earn $3000 Profit Share when their advert is Guaranteed Sales. If you have a business or affiliate link, you can buy Guaranteed Sales too. When your Level 1 affiliates buy adverts from us, you get paid the $3020 commission so, please show them how they can earn from Guaranteed Sales.

Refer $ Earn can give you financial freedom! 

How It Works

  • You were referred to 5B by an affiliate called your referrer/sponsor.
  • Your sponsor's details are shown below the video on each page.
  • Your sponsor can earn commission from your activity via the affiliate program 'Refer $ Earn'.
  • Register as a FREE member - Click here...
  • Preferably use a GMAIL email to register and select to register using Google.
  • Members are known as Money Makers!
  • Login to your Money Maker Page and choose how you want make money with 5B.
  • You can sell your browsing data, refer others and earn and advertise to earn!
  • Start making money, Money Maker!

There are currently 3 ways to make money from 5B. There are more being developed... After registration you will be able to choose 1, 2 or all 3 ways to make money off your Money Maker Page.

MAKE MONEY - from your browsing data. FREE to join. Easy to do. Passive Income. Can earn bonuses. More info...

MAKE MONEY - by generating an EXTRA $155k net profit from your webpage, website, web shop or affiliate program. More info...

MAKE MONEY - by referring other people to 5B to make money! Free to join. Make money while they're making it too. More info...

  • Refer $ Earn does not require you to sponsor affiliates or build a network to earn. It is your choice!
  • Refer $ Earn can be a single level referral program or extended to 16 levels depending on the affiliate's choice.
  • Income is paid out by PayPal, Bank, Crypto, Western Union and more...
  • Anyone can make money with 5B

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