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Guaranteed Sales Limited Offer Extension - 15th July.

To help people who missed the July 1st order cut-off date, we have made just 1000 more adverts available for purchase. When these 1000 Limited Offer Guaranteed Sales adverts are paid for, no more will be issued. To check how many are left, click step one to see the number remaining. Final payment cut-off date is 15th July @ midnight GMT for all Guaranteed Sales ordered under this Limited Offer. Final payment date is defined as payment must have reached us by this date. Any Limited Offer order that remains unpaid on 16th July will be invalidated and deleted. New offer starts on 16th July.


Secure Email Verification Code: 8927

Why End the Offer?

We've now achieved 72 Guaranteed Sales (GTS) delivery testimonials and as a result have changed the limited offer to end on the 1st July 2022 at 11.59pm EST. When this offer ends, any new Guaranteed Sales package purchased after will be subject to prepayment of the $52,700 Profit Share before we deliver. Official - see News post


Delivered Successfully:

  1. We have now delivered over 510 successful Guaranteed Sales (GTS) 1st deliveries. Admittedly, some were delivered later than we wanted, but they were 100% successful $155,000 deliveries!
  2. There are over 72 testimonials waiting to be uploaded to the 5B testimonials by people that have received their 1st deliveries.
  3. Their GTS testimonials will be published after they get paid commission earned from the affiliate programs we delivered to and their earnings proof images pass compliance. This will enable them to upload proof of commission/earnings from their Guaranteed Sales delivery. It will also allow us to publish receipt of our 34% and show proof of profit share payments to Sponsor’s banks and the Sponsor's linked testimonial proving they received their $1000 profit share commission payment with proof. They will be published here: All Testimonials

Quicker Deliveries & Commission:

  1. Best (Quickest) 1st GTS delivery is 40 days to deliver $155,000 net profit.
  2. All 1st deliveries remain 90 days until further notice. All 2nd and 3rd deliveries are 30 days (reduced from 60 days).
  3. All 2nd and 3rd profit share commissions for sponsors will be paid 30 days quicker.

Failed Deliveries: 

  1. We've failed to deliver 4x GTS deliveries by under delivering. The 1st under delivery was only 39k, the 2nd was $48k, the 3rd was 102k and the 4th delivered 24k.
  2. 3x delivery failures were caused by humans interacting with our AI causing it to malfunction, however this interaction has been replaced with new advanced AI action instead to prevent the problem.
  3. 4th failure was due to the advertiser using a short link, changing the link's target and delivering our sales delivery to a lead capture page instead of the target page. 
  4. As our Guarantee (below) promises, we did not bill the 34%, we let the clients keep 100% net profit and have scheduled 1 extra delivery at no extra cost.

Guaranteed Sales Advert Guarantee:  

Guaranteed Sales delivers 3 times in 12 months. If 5B delivers less than $155k net profit for any sales delivery, we will not bill you the 34% ($52,700) Profit Share, you keep the profit and we will deliver a replacement sales delivery.

How We Deliver & Track Sales: 

5B uses the power of its own networks and platforms to warm and deliver sales and sign-ups. There are 340,053,253 consumers using our browser and extensions generating over 45.5 billion page views each day, plus we have 2,111,651 publishers, displaying our adverts on 10,558,255 ultra targeted webpages that get over 9.8 billion views each week. Only a fraction of the community are 5B Sell Data.

  1. Our network's browser replaces content on visited pages after AI learns about the user, using the browser. It is a slow process that can take about 80 days.
  2. It gets more accurate over 36 weeks and gets better with time. The more users, the better it predicts markets and trends.

For example, the content we change is:

We seamlessly replace adverts from all major search engines, web based applications, social media and shopping sites to include eBay and Amazon.

It is seamlessly powered by the browser/extension and we machine learn the behavior of our users to know exactly what they are going to do next on a prediction scale of 1-10 being an exact 10.

What is Guaranteed Sales?

Guaranteed Sales:

We can deliver Guaranteed Sales to any online business that takes a payment online for a product, service, rental, sign-up, membership, subscription and more... So, anyone with an online business or is promoting an online business with a referral link or affiliate link can earn an EXTRA $155,000 USD from their own business. We can deliver the $155,000 3x in 12 months. You pay us $52,700 each time you receive $155,000 in net profit from Guaranteed Sales. You pay us our profit share after earning your $155,000. We use some of the profit share to pay our affiliates their profit share commission and overrides.

Standard Adverts:

If you want to; collect leads; feed a funnel; get free sign-ups; promote a free subscription; explode a downline with free members; send people to an offline event or location; promote a website; advertise a free product or service and similar then Standard Adverts are the answer! You can use Standard Adverts to promote your money-making business also, but we do not guarantee the sales result like Guaranteed Sales. Standard Adverts are powerful in their own way. They too use AI, but in a different way. We send 1 million targeted visitors/leads to your online presence to be closed by your own work. This advert runs instantly and builds over time to deliver ultra targeted visitors using AI.


Guaranteed Sales Offer is Ending


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