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Name: Dietmar Grutz
ID: landmensch67

Refer $ Earn Affiliate Program

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Earn unlimited commission for introducing people and businesses to our services:

1. Earn $100 - Sell My Data

Over 5 Billion people don't get paid for their browsing data yet! We will buy their browsing data and pay you to introduce them.  All you have to do is give people your affiliate link. They'll click it and join Sell Data for free. We pay people up to $401.50 each year for their browsing data. You can join both Refer $ Earn and Sell Data! However, you can earn a lot more money by building a network of affiliates that will work for you while you sleep, have days off and spend time with your family! 

2. Earn $20 - Selling Ads

People waste their money, time and energy on adverts and marketing that does not work. Everyone wants to earn more from their business. Facebook is full of marketers trying to sell or get you to sign-up, but not many succeed. Tell marketers, affiliates and website owners about our adverts. Give them your affiliate link. They can buy our ads and generate sales or sign-ups. When they buy adverts, you earn $20 each which is paid out in 30 days and you can earn Profit Share when they add GTS Service to their advert. If you have a business or affiliate link, you can buy ads too. When your Level 1 affiliates buy adverts from us, you get paid the $20 commission and Profit Share too.

Refer $ Earn can give you financial freedom! 

No Need to Refer Other Affiliates to Earn

Join our Refer $ Earn affiliate program to earn commission by introducing people to Sell Data and Guaranteed Sales. You can also build an affiliate network and earn overrides from it however, referring affiliates is not mandatory. It is your choice.

Work full or part-time from home, office or any other location. All you need is a Web connected device to succeed. You get an affiliate link to introduce people who credit your affiliate account with commission when they click it and register with $5B.

Join Free & Earn From 3 Huge Opportunities

Most people will know at least 40 other people, even if it's just digital friends on Facebook or Instagram! These 40 people can earn you $100 each ($4000) when you tell them about Sell Data and give them your affiliate link. Then those 40 people start chatting, sharing, tweeting and posting to their friends that they earn from browsing the Web and suddenly you have 2,500 Sell Data clients and $250,000 commission!

Out of all your contacts, how many of them have; a business; a Facebook business page; a website, sold on eBay; worked with an MLM or other affiliate program; advertised on Google or just needed extra money? Tell them about Guaranteed Sales which pays you for helping them generate 1000x more profit than a Google or Facebook advert can! Help them and earn $3020 commission.

This is how easy it is to get started.

Earn Up To
$500,000 Affiliate

How It Works

Sell Data

Recurring Each Year

You can earn more by building a downline network to earn multiple overrides. Overrides are $5.00 possible from 16 levels.

We Buy Web Users Browsing Data

Over 5 Billion people use the Web that don't earn from their browsing data yet!

We pay our affiliates $100 commission for each user who sells a years browsing data to us. We pay $100 commission each year for the life of the Sell Data user. It is paid yearly however, can be paid in 2 months with the help of the 10x Faster incentive program. Commission recurs each year on autopilot! 

Earn your share of $500 Billion commission!

We Pay Users $401.50 Yearly for Their Web Browsing Data!

Sell Data users install our browser extension and browse with it. Extensions replace adverts on pages that are searched and viewed, more info... We collect their browsing data and pay them $1.10 each day they use it. To make the transaction safe and secure, the extension cannot see or use data on webpages visited, it just collects the search and browsing behavior from the Web addresses displayed in their browser's search bar. To stop us collecting their browsing data, users can disable our extension, use a private window or a different browser. Users can earn up to $401.50 Sell Data Income a year. 

All browsing data collected is kept anonymous, never seen by the human eye, shared or sold. We use browsing data to learn behaviors, predict trends and sell advertising. We do nothing different, with the browsing data we collect, than Google, Yahoo, Gmail, Apple or Facebook does. However, we do one major thing that they do not; We pay our users for their browsing data!

5B are innovators revolutionizing the ad and data industry by paying for browsing data!

Earn Up To
$500,000 Affiliate

How It Works

Sales Referral

Paid One Time

+ $1000 Profit Share

Recurring 3x

You can earn more by building a downline network to earn multiple overrides. Overrides for adverts are $1.00 possible from 16 levels. Overrides for Profit Share are $50.00 possible from 16 levels.

Guaranteed Sales Adverts - No Selling

We sell 1 type of advert called a 'Standard Advert' which costs just $269 for 12 months advertising. Like Google Ads, each advert promotes and clicks through to a target page (the business). Standard Adverts can be used to promote any online or offline business and will send a minimum of 1 million ultra-targeted visitors over 12 months. Standard Adverts can promote anything! Standard Adverts can be upgraded to Guaranteed Sales at no extra cost. To upgrade, the business needs to pass a simple test. If the business accepts payment online for transactions it will pass, but if the business does not take payments online, it will fail.

Simplified: If any business or person is selling online, they can get Guaranteed Sales and sell more! This includes you! If you promote and earn commission, get Guaranteed Sales to sell and earn more!

TEST the business now!  

Affiliates DO NOT sell adverts. You earn commission from referring people that buy adverts from us! Join and collect your Guaranteed Sales affiliate link from 'Step 1 Marketing' on your affiliate dashboard. Promote your link by telling people on social media about Guaranteed Sales and sharing your link. Collect a banner and link it with your Guaranteed Sales affiliate link #3.

Marketers know other marketers - share your link with contacts and your network on social media, Whatsapp, LinkedIn and SMS! Pin a Guaranteed Sales video to your Facebook page. Add a Guaranteed Sales banner to your webpage. Pin a post with a banner on Twitter. Send email with your link to people you know! Promote Guaranteed Sales to everyone. Its as easy as promoting Sell Data just with different banners! 

No matter what they sell or the sites they promote, Guaranteed Sales will help them sell it = MORE MONEY FAST!

They can Make More Money from their:

When people click your link, banner or social media post, they will land on the Guaranteed Sales Page directly. They will click the buy now button, land on the dedicated Advertiser registration where they can register quickly and transfer to the advert order directly, skipping the Money Maker Page.

Your referral can test their business for Guaranteed Sales before they order and then have 2 options. They can:

  1. Order, reserve Guaranteed Sales, create their advert and add Guaranteed Sales before paying.
  2. Order, reserve Guaranteed Sales and pay, and then create their advert and add Guaranteed Sales.

At the start of each order, your referral will be notified if Guaranteed Sales is available and will reserve it automatically. They can simply configure their Guaranteed Sales to deliver sales from a specific country or countries and worldwide just like a Google Ad. After completing each advert, your referral will add Guaranteed Sales from the reservation which converts their Standard Advert into Guaranteed Sales at no extra charge.

Guaranteed Sales is an agreement between 2 parties - Your referral and 5B. Your referral needs declare their net profit per sale, agree to pay us our 34% profit share and accept the Guaranteed Sales agreement which is pre-agreed by 5B. This contract is agreed electronically when the Guaranteed Sales Advert is published.

Published is when Guaranteed Sales starts its process after payment and Guaranteed Sales is agreed. Sales delivery normally starts 90 days after published status and can take 7-10 days to deliver. Before delivery, most adverts will get Standard Advert views, clicks and sales however this is not part of the Guaranteed Sales delivery.

5B uses the power of its own networks and platforms to deliver sales and sign-ups. Sell Data makes up a very small portion of our network, however it is growing exponentially. There are 343,108,743 consumers using our browser extensions generating over 45.5 billion page views each day, plus we have 3,045,388 publishers, displaying our adverts on 15,226,940 ultra targeted webpages that get over 9.8 billion views each week. 5B delivers sales, see how...

Guaranteed Sales can be paused before or during sales delivery if stock or resources become an issue, but pausing can delay the delivery. See News for Information. After your referral has generated their 1st $155,000 net profit from Guaranteed Sales delivery, they will pay us $52,700 (34%). After payment, we begin a 2nd delivery which will take 60 days and then the 3rd which will be delivered in 60 days too. If we under-deliver a new delivery will be added as a 4th, but all deliveries will be executed in 12 months when the Guaranteed Sales agreement ends. 

If your referral cancels their order before delivery, a full refund will be paid for Guaranteed Sales.

How Much Do I Get Paid?

To maximize your earnings, you must use your affiliate link #3 in your marketing efforts to land your referrals directly on the Guaranteed Sales page. To find #3, go to your Refer $ Earn back office dashboard and scroll to 'Step 1 Marketing Links'.

You earn $20 commission per advert and if the advert is upgraded to Guaranteed Sales, you get paid profit share commission too.

Advert Commission:

Guaranteed Sales Profit Share Commission:

NOTE: When an affiliate buys an advert, the commission is paid to their sponsor the same as Sell Data commission is paid. If Guaranteed Sales is added, the profit share commission is paid to the Sponsor.   

Earn Up To
$500,000 Affiliate

How It Works

Get Paid

$5.00 Sell Data
$1.00 Advert
$50.00 Profit Share

Overrides are payments that are generated from the activity of affiliates in your 16 level downline network. When your Level 1 affiliates join Sell Data and/or buy adverts, it pays you commission because, they technically joined from your activity. You earn overrides from Level 2-16.

Earn 1000's of Overrides from a Downline

Affiliates can choose to build a network. To start, all you need to do is refer affiliates into the level below you (Level 1) and encourage them to do the same. In no time you will have a 16 level network. This is called your personal network or downline. You earn overrides from your downline. Overrides are generated from your downline's activity which is put on autopilot after you've taught them what to do.

When you refer other affiliates, you are known as their sponsor and as a sponsor you should be able to give them some direction and assistance because they are your Money Maker and if guided properly, they could generate you 1000's of overrides. Pass your knowledge on and they will mimic you when sponsoring others totally stress-free and hands-free!

Each affiliate that you refer into your Level 1 will be different. Some will focus on referring other affiliates, others will focus on referring Sell Data. Most will refer Guaranteed Sales, Sell Data and refer affiliates. Each affiliate is your asset. They will generate you overrides while they earn themselves commission. 

A Network that Builds Itself After You Start It Off!

You only have to refer and guide affiliates in your Level 1. They in turn refer into the next level and so on to Level 16.

Your downline is 16 levels deep. Each level to include your Level 1 is unlimited width. When an affiliate in your level 16 refers a Sell Data user, you will receive an override from their activity. You can receive overrides from all affiliates in your 16 level network. The overrides are:

  1. Sell Data - $5 recurring every year for the lifetime of the Sell Data user.
  2. Adverts - $1 once-off.
  3. Profit Share - $50 recurring 3x in 12 months.

Earn Up To
$500,000 Affiliate

How Downlines Work

Getting Paid

As Fast as
60 Days!

Data & Earning Security

Keeping Affiliates Safe While They Earn!





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